Competition/Activity List 2014-2015

  • April




    9th April

    Balloon Race(Nur. To U.K.G)

    Calligraphy (1st to 4th)(Hindi/English)
    Poster Making(5th to 8th)
    Chess/Carrom/Ludo(4th to 8th)

    16th April

    Vegetable printing (Nur. to U.K.G.)

    Spell quiz(1st to 8th)

    23rd April

    Family Tree (Nur. to U.K.G.)

    Doha/Shlok (5th to 8th)
    Story telling (1th to 4th) (Hindi)

    30th April

    Thumb Painting (Nur. to U.K.G.)

    Story telling (5th to 8th) (English)

  • May

    3rd May

    Mother day Celebration
    (Nur. to 8th)

    21st May

    Fresher Party (Nur. to 4th)
    Solo Dance Performance (L.K.G. & U.K.G.)

    Mehandi comp. (4th to 8th)
    Hindi/English Recitation (1st to 3rd)

  • July

    9th July

    Cap Race (Nur. to U.K.G.)
    Guess my taste (Nur. to U.K.G.)
    Balloon Race (1st to 3rd)

    Hindi essay (4th to 8th)

    16th July

    Pop Corn (Paper Activity) (Nur. to U.K.G.)
    Fall finger tree craft (1st to 3rd)

    Science Quiz (3rd to 8th)

    23rd July

    Plantation Day Celebration (Nur. to 8th)

    30th July

    Rakhi Making (1st to 4th)

    Singing Comp. (5th to 8th)

  • August

    6th August

    Thread Painting (1st to 3rd)
    Ice Cream Stick Painting (4th to 8th)

    Matki Decoration (1st to 4th)
    Creative Painting (5th to 8th)

    13th August

    Hand Impression (Nur. to U.K.G.)
    Paper folding (1st to 3rd)

    Slogan & Message Painting (4th to 8th)

    20th August

    Activity With Plastic Material (Nur. to U.K.G.)

    Orthography (Hindi/English) (1st to 3rd)
    English essay (4th to 8th)

    27th August

    Letter Writing (1st to 5th)
    Biscuit Race (Nur. to U.K.G.)

    Maths Quiz (6th to 8th)

  • September

    5th September

    Fancy dress (Nur. to U.K.G.)
    Teacher's Day Celebration

    10th September

    Gift Wrapping (5th to 8th)
    Toffee Race (1st to 2nd)
    Triple Jump (3rd & 4th)

    Hindi debate (5th to 8th)

    13th September


  • October

    21st October

    Candel Decoration (Nur. to U.K.G.)

    Rangoli Comp. (4th to 8th)
    Divya Decoration (1st to 3rd)

  • November

    5th November

    Banana Race (Nur. to U.K.G.)
    Collage Making (1st to 8th)

    Extempore (4th to 8th)

    12th November

    Student Selection for Sports

    Creative Advertisement Idea (6th to 8th)

    14th November

    Children's Day Celebration

    Race, Bedminton, Kabadi, Kho-Kho
    (1st to 8th)

    19th November

    Bouquet & Pot Making(4th to 8th)

  • December

    25th December

    Annual Function

    G.K Quiz (1st to 8th)