Rules and Regulation

  • Rules for Attendance

    1. If the ward remains absent one full current month without any written information from the parents/guardians the ward's name will be struck off from the school register. In case of re-admission of the ward, due re-admission fees as per school norms will be changed.
    2. Wards is expected to attend the school regularly. For leave, prior leave application is required. In case of non submission of leave application, fine as per norms of the school will be payable along with the monthly fees.
    3. In case of illness, the child should not be sent to school the school should b informed about the absence in writing.
    4. Punctuality of child is very essential. Hence, parents cooperation in this regard is required to maintain discipline & decorum of the school.
    5. Parents are expected to appear their ward in each & every unit Test of Exam. If ward does not appear, a medical certificate is required. In case of failure, a ward may be treated as Absent and not promote to next higher class.
  • Help Your Child To Look Forward To School

    1. Be positive about school & teacher and learning.
    2. When you talk of school experience : be cheerful and confident
  • Discipline Rules

    1. Strict & implicit discipline is expected from the students at all times.
    2. All students must bring their diary to the school every day.
    3. Students, not wearing the prescribed uniform will be sent back home.
    4. Students should always wish their teachers, elders and friends in a pleasant and audible tone, running and shouting in the class is strictly forbidden.
    5. Every pupil must take part in the physical training and games unless declared unfit on medical grounds or exempted by the principal/Head Mistress.
    6. Student will not be allowed to appear at any examination all fees and dues are paid off.
    7. Story books, newspapers, periodicals Magazines and comics must not be brought to school.
    8. The school will not be responsible for the loss of any article. It is not advisable to bring any valuables to school.
    9. No collection of r any purpose, what so ever, may be made in the school without the permission of the principal.
    10. All correspondence complaints and enquires are to be directly made to the principal.
    11. Although the school takes all normal precautions, it does not take any responsibility for accidents, minor or major.
    12. New session will be started from 1st April of current year to 31st March of next year.