Registration & Admission

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Fee structure for seeking Registration or Admission of the ward in the school will be given by the office. All sums & dues are to be paid in cash at the time of admission.

Ward will not be allowed to attend the class without deposition of prescribed fees & required documents.

Rules for Withdrawals

One calender month prior notice in writing is required for withdrawal of a ward from the school. In case of failure to submit said notice, see for one full term will be charged. If parents submit notice in stipulated period, fees for next six current months will be payable for withdrawal of a ward.


Transport facility is available in the school for bringing and taking the children. It can be availed on requisition and conveyance fees will be charged alone with the monthly fees.

In case of any failure of the school van, parents will bear with the school and they will hold responsibility to bring & take their ward home the school.